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Celebrate who you are

Viva Voluptuous is the exquisite, luxurious, handmade, plus size lingerie and swimwear range. It is exclusively designed for women who are size 16 or above, to flatter, accentuate and celebrate natural and bountiful curves.

Our lingerie is made from the finest lace, soft satins and chiffon, and will make you feel sexy, confident and gorgeous.

Our swimwear is perfect for all your beach belles out there. Featuring a well designed bra cup, that will fit and flatter your curves, all our swimwear is stylish, modern and made to enhance.

We ship world wide.



Our plus size story

Liz Willis Founder CEO of Viva Voluptuous - the plus size lingerie and swimwear brand

“The media often ask me what made me start Viva Voluptuous – and it was out of frustration really! I am a bust size 36DD and found it impossible to find sexy, boudoir lingerie or swimwear. I found one high street chain with a few size 16 babydolls, but they took a size 8 design, and just added more fabric! That does not work! Furthermore, as they were made in the Far East the piece of fabric covering my boobs were microscopic. They also had underbust pleats, and along with cheap fabric.. the outfit went ‘whoosh’, and made me look like an alien spaceship, ready to launch.”

– Liz Willis, Founder and CEO [read more here]

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