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The world of lingerie can be a minefield! Here are some tips to help you.


If you’d like to bring out the boudoir goddess in your lover, lingerie as a gift is ‘on par’ with jewellery – so buy it early on in a relationship (as long as not too revealing).



The first thing you need to know is that Viva Voluptuous does not sell lingerie for plum or lemon size breasts; we start at large grapefruit size (D or DD), small melon size (E or F) or a small watermelon size (a G).  You will also need her underbust measurement, so look for something that looks like 38DD or 40F. Have a look in her underwear drawer when she is not around! If there seem to be a number of different sizes try to take the newest item sizes. Brands do vary…so try and get her ‘average’ size. If all else fails, then you could ask her friend to help to find out but have her promise not to say a word! The next decision you’ll need to make will be picking style and colour. Buy something you like! There is a good chance she’d love to wear it for you. As regards colour, go for what she likes, and if you are unsure, go for black: universally loved and sexy to boot!





 You’ve most probably overheard your Voluptuous lady complaining about the lack of sexy lingerie on the high street. They seem to make all the pretty things up to size 12. Well, welcome to a world of breath taking voluptuous lingerie online, where you can take your time to pick and choose. And if you are stuck, contact us for help! And it is all designed to flatter all shapes and sizes and accentuate bountiful curves. We are sure she will love our lingerie, but if it really does not fit her well, you can return it for a different size or style or refund. No more uncomfortable changing rooms with bright unflattering lights.


 Make sure it will be comfortable for her to wear. A very sexy, but very uncomfortable little number will be a big mistake.



Don’t forget to look at the accessories as well. Hold ups, masks, kimonos – all these things will add to the gift, impress her hugely and make for that intimate moment when she shows you what she looks like!




Viva Voluptuous wrap all their gorgeous lingerie in scented tissue paper placed inside a luxurious branded box. You can hide it in the house for to find, present it at breakfast or pop it in the post. Women love surprises!

Whatever you choose, and however you present it, we hope that both of you  will love the lingerie and that it will add romance to your life!




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